The biggest misconception and generalization about exercise -

The biggest misconception and generalization about exercise -

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The biggest misconception and generalization about exercise 06/20/2013

0 Comments A common weight loss misconception in the fitness and weight loss industry is that: You will feel much better and have more energy after you have completed your exercise session. This is a misconception that unfortunately many people believe to be true. Not only it''s deceiving because it isn''t true, but as people begin to realize that this isn’t true at all, they begins to think that there is something wrong with them because they think that they were supposed to be feeling mega energetic after exercise. Many clients are approaching me, saying “I don’t like exercise and I don’t feel good afterwards, I don’t know what’s wrong with me” The truth is , there is nothing wrong with anybody, it’s that feeling better and having more energy after exercise is a generalization. This may apply to some people but not to everyone.

My opinion is that you will need to feel good on the inside so that you can enjoy exercise. Maybe some people do really experience that huge boost of energy after they have exercised, but I can tell you for sure that I do not feel more energetic at all after I have just finished my workout. And I have consistently been exercising for about years now. I am not going to lie to you: I feel sore, I want to puke and lie down after I have just trained and sometimes I even feel like crying after a leg’s training session! This is the truth. I am not trying to make you hate exercise because if the above is scaring you. It means that you probable already hate exercise anyway. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that what some people experience will not be the same for everybody, some people may experience that boost of energy but not everyone will. I certainly don’t experience that at all. In my opinion, what this misconception is: it’s the fitness industry trying to sell you the idea that you will feel better if you join a gym and workout. But that isn’t true. Because you need to feel good on the inside first, you need to feel excited, energetic, motivated in order to actually enjoy exercise. If you don’t you will hate it and if you don’t particularly like exercise, then it’s probably because you don’t have the vitality, energy, wellbeing and motivation you need to challenge yourself and exercise. And it all comes down to the reason why you are overweight or struggling with your weight. You are overweight because you are experiencing internal pain (Fears, stress, worries, anxieties, lack of vitality, energy and motivation) and as a result you are choosing external pleasure to make yourself feel better, to comfort yourself. So you choose comfort food, binge drinking, sleep in, procrastination all these things that give you comfort, things that prevent you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. And the fitness industry has found a really effective way of selling fitness. They are selling the idea that you will feel better (feel comfort) after you have exercised. And if you are experiencing internal pain, then you may buy into this idea, because when you experience internal pain, all you want is to feel better, don’t you? My opinion is that you need to feel better internally so you can choose external challenge and pain. You will need to feel good on the inside so you stop going for quick fixes and instant gratification. So that you stop going for the things that will “Make you feel better afterwards” Because those things that “Make you feel better afterwards” are only quick ways to make you feel better. There is nothing wrong with trying to make yourself feel better except for the fact that you will only feel better instantly afterwards and for a short amount of time only. Then you will feel internal pain again and look for more comfort. It’s a vicious cycle. You feel internal pain, you choose comfort, the internal pain is still there and you keep choosing comfort over and over again. And that’s why you are overweight , because you have been choosing comfort. If you lack motivation, energy, you hate everything to do with weight loss, then you are indeed experiencing pain internally. Sometimes this pain is conscious, such as stress and anxiety which are usually about something or things happening in your life in the present. I.E you are stress because work is busy at the moment, you are anxious because your relationship isn’t going well at the moment…. But most of the time, especially for people who have struggle with their weight for years, the internal pain is unconscious. Unconscious pains are stored pains or forgotten memories of past painful or traumatic events or limiting beliefs. Because these pains are unconscious they aren’t being addressed or cleared and they keep influencing your behaviour unconsciously. These unconscious internal pains keep making you choose comfort over and over again without you even knowing it. If you would like to know more about why you hate exercise or anything that has to do with becoming slim, come and join me at my next live interactive webinar, next Tuesday at 7pm Melbourne time. At your Mac, PC or laptop.

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