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January 11, 2009 by Scott Boehler Filed under Weight Loss

Many people spend a lot of time and money learning how to lose body fat. This is why the fat and weight loss industry is a booming one. As we age, our metabolism rate drops and it is easy to gain fat and weight. However, we do not have to allow ourselves to grow fat if we choose not to.

So what exactly is the answer to how to lose body fat?

You see, losing body fat can be easily achievable if you follow the right steps. And they are summed up as proper diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, most people either do one or the other but not both. Also, those who exercise may only work out one part of their body such as their arms but not the others and hence do not burn off as much fat as they could.

Aerobic exercise is necessary. 3 or 4 times of such activity is good for burning fat.

At the same time, make sure that your daily food and liquid intakes do not exceed your daily consumption rate. When your body fails to use up the surplus energy, it is stored as fat. To beat that, physical activities like walking around, climbing stairs, carrying out household chores, etc will all help you consume those excess energies.

In today’s context, most of our adults spend their time in the offices rather than out in the field doing laborious jobs. When you do not expend as much as you consume, you will definitely gain weight quickly. Exercising at least 3 times a week is therefore a must if you can identify yourself as in such a similar situation. You also need to watch what you eat.

In order to lose body fat, there are a few practical steps you can take. Keep a record of what food and beverage you consume in a day, ie know your calorie intake count. This will allow you to know how much workout or physical activity is needed for you to consume the energy provided by your intake. Increase the amount of physical activity and you will be able to burn off more fat.

Another approach to this is to reduce the food that you eat. For a start, reducing your intake by 500 cal is good enough. Steadily and gradually increase this number.

Depending how fast you want to lose body fat, you will have to calculate the number of hours of workout as well as the choice of exercise that is necessary for you to lose the specific weight. With a plan like this, your weight and fat loss progress is measurable and predictable.

Most people fail due to the lack of consistency and persistence. You need to have the determination to do it. Head knowledge alone is just not enough. Tell a friend whom you can account to so that he or she will remind you of your plan when you start to stray away. You now have the answer to “how to lose body fat”. It is time to take action!

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