What to look for when buying new gym shoes / Nike Free Run 2 Quick Review  voem health

What to look for when buying new gym shoes / Nike Free Run 2 Quick Review voem health

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What to look for when buying new gym shoes / Nike Free Run 2 Quick Review

I am really excited about my new pair of gym shoes! being long over-due for a new pair of footwear made it oh so much sweeter making the decision to get a new pair. Before getting carried away with talking about the shoes themselves, let me outline a few points about how I came to choose Nike Free Run 2.

My old pair of shoes just werent doing it anymore. The formerly white inexpensive skate shoes I had been regularly wearing to the gym were at their end-days. The soft-flat soles had made them perfect in their former life as the exclusive footwear of mountain biking sessions. Having seen their fair share of dirt/ rain and mud they were hardly the best thing to wear while striding on an elliptical or heaving weights.

I needed to up my footwear game, I needed a great pair of shoes which would perform as well in the gym as I hope to.

Everybody may be looking for something slightly different in a gym shoe, however I believe that most will be able to find more in common with my selection process than not. Because of a extremely versatile routine my pair of gym shoes would really have to provide all-round performance. Looking for a shoe which would be great for weight training, treadmill, elliptical, free-weights, plyometrics, yoga and more.

Freshly un-boxed Nike Free Run 2 Shoes

What to look for in a new pair of gym shoes:

How much can shoes possibly weigh? Every ounce of weight will after a couple hundred repetitions make all the difference! Look for a shoe which is as light as possible. Its not a game stopper, you can still definitely goto the gym in any pair of athletic shoe. However if you have an ultra-light pair of gym shoes everything will feel easier. Youll be able to achieve more, reach your goals faster and have fun doing it!

Finding a great pair of shoes that is comfortable is extremely important. Unlike everyday shoes, your gym shoes will need to perform at a much higher level. The slightest bit of discomfort you may feel when trying on new shoes will be amplified a thousand times once you start working out. The discomfort in a bad pair of shoes could mean cutting a workout short or not having a great time. Make sure you find a great pair of shoes and up your game at the gym.

It only seems to make sense, but a lot of people get shoes which dont fit quite right. A pair of shoes which fits too big or too small could mean cutting a possible great workout short. That sloppy sliding heal or those scrunched up toes will cause you major discomfort when trying to set a new personal best 1 mile time. Dont monkey around with shoe sizing, make sure you get fitted properly and avoid the hassle of a bad experience.

Unlike everyday shoes, gym shoes need to breath and breath deep. One of the things that bothers me most is the feeling of soggy foot. Are there puddles in my shoes? Yes, there are. It usually means cutting your workout short to go change your socks. With shoes that breath properly soggy foot becomes less of a problem. Carefully placed vents and perforated fabrics create flow through spots for good gym shoes to circulate fresh air in and sweaty foot air out of your sneakers.

Feel the wind through your toes!

You dont want to have to replace your gym shoes all the time, so being careful and buying a better pair of shoes less often might be less expensive than buying a cheap pair of shoes which tend to fall apart. Have a close look at your shoes. Pay attention to the stitching and materials used.

This is very important, you dont want to hurt your feet by buying a bad pair of shoes. Look carefully when selecting new shoes for the following flaws. If any of these are seen, think again about purchasing that pair.

Are these shoes from the future?

Pay attention when buying new shoes

Put a hand in the shoe, can you feel for rough spots or sharp edges?

Are there any stray threads from shoddy stitching?

Is the stitching even and strong or loose and uneven?

Are any of the fabrics fraying or degrading?

Are there any stress lines or cracks in the shoe material?

Is there any excess or uneven gluing seen on the shoe?

Is the sole of the shoe coming detached or poorly bonded to the shoe?

Are the shoelace eyelets unsupported and weak looking?

Does all the foot support come from the insert?

Without spending a small fortune you will be able to get a great pair of shoes. Depending on the store and location prices will vary. Shop around and get the best price you can. But, dont cheap out. Remember, a more expensive pair of shoes may last longer and need to be replaced less often. The more expensive pair of shoes could actually be more cost effective. Make sure however that whatever you buy is the best possible quality you can afford. Buying cheap doesnt mean buying smart.

Buying new gym shoes what to look for once you get to the store

The availability at any shoe store is great! They have shoes for any variety of sport. It seems in fact there is a shoe for every sport. That aside, remember what you came to the store looking for. Dont let your decision be swayed by a cool looking pair or a persuasive sales agent. Take a list of things you want from your shoe with you if it helps. Narrow down your selection quickly to the basics of what you want. Youll find that despite there being 300+ shoes on the wall you are actually only looking at 3 5 shoes. Try each one out and make the best decision possible based on the characteristics discussed above. Good Luck!

What Nike Free Run 2 had that other shoes didnt

As not to be distracted by the wealth of footwear before me, I consulted the short list. What am I looking for? Oh, right. A quality pair of gym shoes, light, comfortable, durable and would perform in a variety of areas. It didnt take long to have only 3 pairs of shoes in front of me.

With price range of only about 35$ between the 3 makes of gym shoes they all appeared to exhibit the same qualities. However on closer inspection, only one stood out as the only choice I could make. The Nike Free Run 2s are one smart looking pair of shoes. They are Nike +iPod compatible, if thats important. They were the only shoe to have a padded tongue. Nice construction had them looking and feeling great inside and out. No stray threads or poor construction, which was on closer inspection seen on both of the competitors shoes. So, I guess the choice to by a great pair of shoes was made before I got to the store, and Nike Free Run 2s just fit the bill.

They look great on the inside too!

On the shelf qualities Nike Free Run 2

Nike +iPod compatible, if you go that route

Looked and felt great inside and out

Stitching looked quality, no stray threads

Evenly cut shoe pieces, no mistakes in this shoe

Fabrics felt and looked strong and reliable

Nice construction and well put together

Colourful shoe insert for added support

The shoe looks like it was designed by athletes

How much do Nike Free Run 2s weigh? Only 9.5 ounces!

It feels more like a slipper

I can feel the air on my foot

Fits well without lacing it up tight

Plenty of room for toes while holding heal tight

A nice box for a great pair of shoes

Nike Free Run 2 un-boxing and full review coming up soon!

I need to buy new shoes

What to look for in new shoes

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